Monday, March 1, 2010

Salad with corn thin croutons

(serves 1)

This recipe is just a basic garden salad with some added extras for fullness:-




Baby Spinach leaves

Hard boiled egg

Rainbow salad mix (from woolworths, Thin strips ofCarrot, Beetroot and Broccoli stems)

25g of light spreadable cream cheese

2 corn thins (Soy & Linseed) broken into small chunks.

Slice or dice - whichever you like, your ingredients and arrange on your plate to suit.

Easy, Peasy.

Nutritional info

Cals - 232
Kjs - 975
Fat - 9.3g
Sat - 4.4g
Fibre - 5.1g
Prot - 15.1g
Carb - 18.3g
Sugar - 10.2g
Sod - 186mg

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